Dr. Jerry Moylan weightlifting

Dr. Jerry Moylan is an 15-time master world champion in kettlebells, powerlifting, Olympic lifting, feats of strength and bodybuilding. He holds several world records. Dr. Jerry has competed in Ironman triathlons, ultra running, ultra biking in Death Valley, California, 24 hour mountain bike race (team winner), 32 mile Catalina Classic paddleboard race, decathlons, pentathlons, track and field, bike track racing, off-road triathlons, tactical challenge contests, Crossfit, inline skating, and Scottish highland games. He won, or placed, in many of these events. Dr. Jerry also authored a book, Dr. Jerry’s Optimal Health & Vitality Recipe.

Improve athletic performance and well being with chiropractic care!

Chiropractic is an approach to healthcare that relies on the body's inherent and natural recuperative powers by restoring and maintaining the structural integrity of the skeletal system and it's relationship to the nervous system.

Chiropractics are but a small part of the healing process at Moylan Chiropractic's. Dr. Jerry Moylan offers nutritional counseling, blood chemistry analysis, hormone testing, corrective exercises, individualized stretching, physical therapy, soft tissue massage and chiropractics. He targets your whole body and helps you take charge of your health by giving you the tools you need to reach your athletic potential.

2018 News Updates

Dr. Jerry traveled to Nevada in October and competed in 5 AAU World Masters Championships sports, including Olympic lifting, powerlifting, feats of strength (10 events), physique and MAS wrestling. He won 4 world championships, set multiple world records, won a number of medals and plaques , and was selected as the 2nd-time recipient of the Beast Mode trophy for overall male strength athlete.

2017 News Updates

Dr. Jerry traveled to Las Vegas in September and competed in 5 AAU World Championships sports in 2 days. He competed in 17 lifts/events, including olympic lifting (2 lifts), powerlifting (3 lifts), feats of strength (10 events), mas wrestling (1) and bodybuilding (1). He won 4 world championships and set world records. No one has ever accomplished that feat before! 13 medals, 2 plaques and Beast Mode trophy for overall male strength athlete.

2013 News Updates

Dr. Jerry competed 20 times in 8 different sports: Crossfit, tactical strength challenge, olympic lifting, Scottish Highland games, powerlifting, track and field, body buiding, and Feats of Strength. He won 2 world championships and took first place in multiple events.

Dr. Jerry Moylan powerlifting
Dr. Jerry at the 2013 AAU National Weightlifting Championships

Dr. Jerry Moylan crossfit
Dr. Jerry doing a Crossfit challenge.

Dr. Jerry Moylan crossfit
Dr. Jerry (Crossfit Men's Scaled Division Winner)

2012 News Updates

Dr. Jerry competed in crossfit competitions, finished 4th in the International Tactical Challenge contest, and won 6 medals in a track and field competition. He also placed 4th in a paddleboard race, 1st in the World Powerlifting contest, 1st in World Feats of Strength competition (and set many world records), and 1st in National Masters Olympic contest. Dr. Jerry also wrote and published his first book on health: Dr. Jerry's Optimal Health and Vitality Recipe: A Functional Approach using Food, Blood and Hormone Testing. 

Dr. Jerry also competed at the Scottish Highland Games:

Dr. Jerry Caber Toss

Dr. Jerry Caber Toss

Watch his caber toss video.

Dr. Jerry Scottish Highland Games

Dr. Jerry Moylan's paddleboard race photo is featured on a Body Shaping Advertisement.

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2010 News Updates

Dr. Jerry Moylan wins the 100% Raw World Powerlifting Championships

Dr. Jerry Wins 100% Raw World Championships

In 2010, Dr. Jerry participated in 6 different sports in 9 competitions.

Here are his records and successes:
1st place Powerlifting World Championships (100% Raw), Las Vegas, NV
2nd place World Kettlebell Championships (Milan, Italy)
4th place National Mr. Olympia (Reno, NV)
Medaled in 6 out of 8 events in a Track and Field Competition