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Exhausted? Your Doctor Could Be to Blame
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"It was like going from being blind to getting my vision back."

This is how Paul Thomas, an elite runner, duathlete, triathlete and cyclist for most of his life, described finding a health practitioner who knew how to evaluate the lab results of an athlete, whose body has different requirements than those of normal folks...

Finally he connected with Jerry Moylan, a chiropractor in San Diego who not only has more than 20 years of experience working with athletes, including Canadian triathlete and Olympian Carol Montgomery, but is an avid athlete himself and three-time Ironman finisher...(read more).

Exhausted? Your Doctor Could Be to Blame

Making Trouble Now for Those Who Try to Keep Up
San Diego Union Tribune

Being energized never posed a problem for Jerry Moylan. Channeling that energy, that did land him in trouble a time or two.

He's an Ironman triathlete. A 32-mile paddleboarder. A pole vaulter. A decathlete. A weightlifter. A bodybuilder. An endurance mountain biker.

Moylan's finely tuned 5-foot-7, 152-pound physique factors into the athletic equation. But he'll tell you his brain plays a larger role. He longs to step outside his comfort zone, searching for challenges, creating growth.

“It's all about the mental game,” Moylan said. “The body doesn't want to stay in the same place. Mindwise, physicalwise, nutritionwise, I constantly keep pushing myself to keep my brain functioning at higher levels.” read more

IKFF Interview with Dr. Jerry Moylan

Then Ken and I had a great training session the next day with my friend Dr. Jerry Moylan. Jerry is a highly skilled Doctor of Chiropractic, as well as an amazing athlete with serious knowledge about nutrition and healthy living. In addition to being a World Champion Powerlifter, he also has a World title in Kettlebell Sport and is competitive in Decathalon, Paddle boat racing, ultra-endurance cycling and some other sports. All at 55 years of age with the mind and body of a much younger man. read more

Nutrition for Lifting with Dr. Jerry Moylan

To me, people have always been the most valuable resources, and when education and experience is available, it makes sense to learn from those resourceful people.

Back with more helpful information from Dr. Jerry Moylan after a recent training more

World Masters Games 2009

World Masters Games 2009

World Masters Games 2009
The guy on the right took first and the guy on the left took third.
This was for natural Mr. Olympia, grandmaster division.

Dr. Jerry's Trip Journal:
Just came back from Australia. Had a fun week competing in 3 different master's world championship sports. On Tuesday a.m., in Sydney, I placed 8th in the world games track and field pentathlon, then 2 hours later {not the best schedule for me} I placed 5th in the world championships for weightlifting, then flew to Gold Coast and on Saturday I placed 4th in the Natural Mr. Olympia Bodybuilding. No medals, lots of personal records, and much fun with teammates, and meeting all the great competitors from around the world. Thanks for the well wishes and facebook messages.

Keep smiling,
Dr. Jerry